3 Weight Loss Myths 

Losing weight is tough and when you hit a plateau it is very easy to start to look for reasons why you are not dropping those unwanted kgs. 

Searching google and looking at different opinions can really play with your mind. One site will say you are not losing weight because you are too stressed, one will say it is because you are eating sugar and then there are those that really push the boundaries and say don’t eat foods of certain colour!! Yep, colour diets are actually out there, surprisingly though there are people that buy into this and follow it. 

Now instead of going through the downright crazy, I wanted to touch on the believable, the myths that if you hear them you might just say “ that sounds logical”. 

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Before I carry on, I have been where you are now, I have tried weight loss supplements, I have believed some of these myths because, well, the person telling me them was so passionate that it was hard not too. So don’t be embarrassed if you thought that some of these were true, it happens to the best of us. 

1) Fasted Cardio is superior for fat loss, this was popularised by bodybuilders and is still preached by some trainers and websites today. The idea is that you don’t have any food in your stomach after your fast (sleep) and whatever calories you burn in the morning will come from fat. The problem here lies that your body is a lot cleverer than we think and just because we don’t have “food in our stomach” we do actually have glycogen stores. This is where we store are glucose stores. We can also break down muscle for energy, granted this is a lot harder process but it can happen. 


In a not so recent study by Brad Schoenfeld et al, in 2014, he looked at fasted cardio and none fasted aerobic exercise and how it affected body composition changes. They did the same amount of cardio and both groups were in a calorie deficit. It showed no significant difference between the groups. They both lost weight, so if you enjoy getting up early and going for a walk without food that is great but don't feel like you have too. 

2) Sugar makes you fat, I am holding my hand up and I once ready Gary Taubes “Why We Get Fat” book and it made a lot of sense, after looking into it a little more and there were many more advocates of it. I then looked deeper and started to look into the research myself. 

Sugar does not make you fat! Yes, I was wrong and I got sucked in, that’s how easy it. So why doesn’t sugar make you fat, well first of it is just 4 calories per gram, the same as complex carbs and the same as protein. Fat has 9 calories per gram in case you were wondering.  So overall you could eat a lot of sugar and it still doesn’t mean a lot of excess calories. 

Before we go deeper have a think about what usually comes along with sugary foods……….Fat, you don’t go eating a plate full of sugar, you eat a big donut or cream cake. Sugar, Fat and Salt are an amazing mix, pretzels, cakes, salted caramel slices, they are all delicious and once you have one bite you want another. This is why they cause us to gain weight, one donut may be 400 calories with 24 grams of sugar, yes that is a lot but on its own, the sugar calories are just 96 calories. 

What about insulin and sugar? First off one of the big claims by the advocates of this movement is that you can eat as much fat as you want as it doesn’t raise your insulins levels, well we know that fat contains 9 calories per gram so how can that be right. No, I could break the science down and go into this further but it is kinda common sense. If you want to check out a recent study that was actually conducted with the Nutrition Science Initiative which is funded by Gary Taubes himself found that over a 12 month period 600+ people either were selected to be in a low carb group or a low-fat group. There was no significant difference between the two as long as calories and protein were matched.

Why most people find sudden success with Ketogenic diets is they lost a lot of water first of and the they cut a whole food group out. It has been shown that people eating a higher protein diet eat less but that is because protein helps satiety, so the overall message is to hit your protein targets. 

So if you like carbs eat them, if you like fat eat it, just watch your calories and protein. 

3) Clean eating, no this doesn’t mean washing all your food before eating it but by eating certain foods then you are going to lose weight. This took off about 3-4 years ago. #cleaneating became a thing and celebrities and wannabe celebrities took to it because, well, that is what they do when they see a new shiny toy. 


What is a clean food? Well some say it is a food that is natural and unprocessed but that soon changed when companies needed to make money off it and they brought out products with “clean” in their name. Now eating clean can mean raw or low sugar (funny when you think fruit is mainly sugar), organic or all of them put together. 

Why doesn’t this work? Well ask the next clean eater and ask them how it is going, my guesses are that they had a binge on the weekend and if not then maybe during the week. This usually happens because you deprive yourself of foods you like so much that you end up stuffing your face with them when you finally break. Orthorexia is defined as an obsession with healthy food, yes, clean eating actually became a problem.  

So there you have 3 myths busted, you will hear some of these getting thrown around but now you know the truth. At Invigorate we have several different nutrition methods to help you lose weight, all in which are used to try and teach you habits to achieve your goals. 

I pride myself on constantly learning so that I can deliver you the correct information and help you in your quest to the ultimate you. 

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