Invigorate Approved Fast Food

Fast Foods Options To Help You Stay On Track

We all want to eat out occasionally, whether that is on a weekend or we are just short on time and can’t be bothered cooking. It happens and we need to have choices of restaurants and fast food joints to choose from. 

Here are a few of my favourites 


Pita Pit - I would like to shout out to Steve from the Lincoln road branch, I first met him when he was at Pt Chevalier, they always did the best portions and gave great service. He moved and then so did I, he now owns the local Pita Pit and their salads are the best. 

What should you order? For me, a double chicken salad is my favourite but if you stick to a salad with meat then can’t go wrong, if your Pita Pit isn’t as generous so ask for more salad. Try and stay away from lots of sauces and lots of cheese. 

This is a great option and always tastes great.  



If you live in West Auckland like us another great option is Kreem, again great service thanks to Ferolini and their salads are amazing, Thai Beef is a favourite of mine but as you can see the beetroot salad looks amazing also. 


Max Mex/Mexciali Fresh - These both do great salads with grilled veggies and grilled meat. You can though go crazy and have too much rice, refried beans and guacamole. You have to be strict and keep it to meat, veggies/salads. 

I love their chicken naked burrito, no rice with hot salsa! 


St Pierres Sushi - First off rice is fine to eat, the main problem with sushi is, well for me, I could eat 15 pieces no problem. Each one is like a mouth full. 


So how do you get around it? Well at St Pierre's I order Double Chicken and Avocado, I then add extra chicken and order half rice. This means you get a good dose of protein and going half rice means they can actually roll it up.

Obviously, this doesn’t need to be just St Pierres it can be any sushi shop, just remember to order your own and add extra meat.

So the last one is a breakfast option, poached eggs and a slice of toast. Yep, easy as that, two or 3 eggs, one slice of toast and add tomatoes or spinach. This gives you a good mixture of macros and doesn’t break the calorie bank. 

These are just a few easy options to eat on the run, now these are just some of my favourites. I would love to hear yours, add them in the comments and I you don’t have any I would suggest making a list of your own. This way you also have options when you are on the run and can be flexible when out with friends and family.