Tips on how to stay active with an office job!

How long do you actually sit down each day? For some of us, it is 12-14 hours per day, we get up, eat breakfast sat down, drive to work sat down, sit in our office chair for our 8-hour shift, have lunch sat down then go home and relax on the couch for 2-3 hours before going to bed. 

Does that sound like you? Yes, well your not alone but I wanted to help you with a few ideas to keep you moving throughout your day that will add up to a lot by the end of the week

  1. Walking Meetings - You have a meeting that you don’t need to take too many notes so instead of sitting down over a coffee and cake, go for a walk and discuss what you need to while increasing your activity. This is very common now and while the weather is good to get out and get some Vitamin D.
  2. Set a timer for stretch breaks - Picture this you're sat down staring at your computer, you have been for the last 10 minutes and you are really just moving the mouse around. Get up and have a few minutes break, do some breathing exercises, box breathing or have a light stretch. 
  3. Park further away from your destination - If you travel to meetings, to a store or basically anywhere you need to drive to park a little bit further away. It is really that simple, even if you add just a few hundred steps each day over the space of a week it will add up. If you have a few meetings per day then you could add a thousand steps. Over the week that could be a whole days worth of walking for you. 

These are just three small actions you can take each day to help stay active. We are trying to go from nothing to a marathon each morning, we just want to go from nothing to something, then we can build from there. 

Try some of these next week.