How much should I weigh?

This is a question I get asked a lot especially when someone is first starting and wanting to lose weight. 

Weigh is a number and whether it be in kilos or in lbs, these numbers are just that, they don’t represent if you are overweight, lean or muscular, they also don't represent if you are happy or unhappy or healthy. 

When we start to look into what weight we should be we can get lots of different opinions depending on where you look. We have the world health organisations suggestions, we have friends and families suggestions, fitness magazines and many more. 

The strongest influencers we have are from our close friends and the media, celebrities weights are often shown in publications and this drives us to believe that we too should be that weight if they are a similar height, age and time of life. 

What we all want really is to look good, we want to be comfortable in our bodies and have confidence in what we wear and how we look to others. Other factors like health come into it but they are often second on the list to actually looking good. 


As you can see we can all weigh the same but look very different, although weight can be a good gauge when you are first starting out and if you have a lot of weight to lose. Once you are close or at your target weight you will want to try another method so you are not always checking the scales and letting them decide if you are happy or not. What I like to use clothes and the mirror, now if you're like me you will have clothes in different sections in your wardrobe. Clothes for when you feel good, some for when you feel not so good and a few in between. 

Clothes very seldom lie and you can gauge how you feel in them a lot easier. 

Pick an item of clothing you haven't worn in ages, pull it out, try it on, make fitting it your goal. I had one client I trained that had a jacket they haven't worn in years. When they put it on for the first time, they felt a million dollars.

Seeing a weight on a screen just isn't the same.

If your goal is to feel great and look amazing, a number on the scale won't make you feel that getting stronger, fitter and seeing your results will, wearing clothes you haven't in years will. 

I know using a scale is a way of checking in and seeing where you are at but also look at other measures, you might just surprise yourself.