How to beat the weekend weight gain


So as many I have yo-yoed and lost weight during the week and then, boom, the weight is back on after the weekend. Sometimes it is actually more that the Monday before!


Have you been there?

Well, before I explain how you can stop it happening, lets look at what it could be because you don’t gain 2kgs in two days and it is all fat! 

1) Food that is in your digestion track, we might end up eating more food over the weekend and treat ourselves a little more than usually. This leaves more food in your intestines for when you jump on the scales on a Monday.

2) You have retained water as you ate foods that are different than your normal diet. You may have had a lot more carbs than normal, which means your body will hold onto around 2-3g or water per 1g of carbohydrate. Did you drink some alcohol? If so your body will be dehydrate which in turns means your body will try and hold on to water making you feel bloated and puffy. 

These are just a few things but lack of sleep, salter foods are just a few of the other ways you can gain weight in such a short period of time. 


Ok now we know how it happens how can we stop it, simple answer is to not do the above but we will go through a few others. 

1 - Stay hydrated, this will help you keep hunger at bay but also will stop your body wanting to hold onto water.

2 - Control your diet, using trackers like MyFitnessPal can help you not over eat and go crazy. If you don’t like tracking try taking photos of everything you eat, write it down in a small notebook. If you manage to stick to your calorie intake while having a few treats you will eliminate the Monday bulge. (check out my video on MyFitnessPal exit strategies)

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3- Stay active and exercise if you have chance, what we normally see is that people generally over eat on the weekend but also it is the days their activities levels are the lowest. Stay active, walk round the mall, play with the kids/dogs, go for a romantic walk on a beach or an adventure to discover some of this amazing country we live in. 


Remember if you are not trying to lose weight and your weight stays the same Friday to Friday, then go enjoy yourself. Life is for living, alternatively if you are trying to lose weight and the weekends are stopping you then you have to make a choice. 

Watch this space as Invigorate will be starting a NEW weight loss club, it will be giving you real science based advice and practical knowledge to achieve your goals while keeping you accountable. 

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