Our Core Values & Why They Mean So Much


ALWAYS DELIVER A PROFESSIONAL SERVICE - In an industry where you don't even need to be qualified to work in some gyms, we strive on delivering a professional service that we would want if it was our own family. Every client is different and has different needs.

  • BE THE BEST PART OF OUR CLIENTS DAY - We all have a lot going on in our lives, whether it is work, family or just general life stress. We want the gym to be your happy place where you not only get results but you also meet like-minded friends. We want you to smile, laugh and have a good time at Invigorate. 

  • WE ARE FAMILY - Once you join our club you are part of something special, you are not just a number, you are a member of the Invigorate family, We help support each other and push each other to get better. You are not alone.

  • DELIVER FUN AND EFFECTIVE WORKOUTS - You come to the gym for results and that is what we aim to deliver. We also are not in the business of just giving you random workouts, we want to give you the right program for you and your goals.  

  • DO NO HARM - As above, giving the right exercises and prescribing the right intensity is the key to not getting injured. The more you can train the better the results you will get, if you get injured you can't train and your results will deter. 

  • CONTINUOUS LEARNING - We are always trying to improve our knowledge and staying on the forefront of the latest science. The more we know the better results we can achieve. We also aim to educate our clients to empower them on their journey. 

  • INTEGRITY - BE ETHICAL, HONEST AND TRANSPARENT - The fitness and health industry has a lot "magic pills" and "lose 20kg in 7 days" products out there. They don't care about the client and most of all sell a dream that is not achievable. We promise to be honest, transparent and have integrity in everything we do. There are no Multi-level Marketing schemes here. 

We want our club to be your last gym, meaning you get results and find a place where you want to spend time. 


Matt Norris