Excuses, the world doesn't care

  • It was my best friends birthday.  

  • We had a shared lunch at work.

  • Work is really hectic and I was tired. 

These are all excuses that to why someone may not have made the gym or stuck to their nutrition plan. 

These are all excuses that might seem fair to go "off plan".

The problem with excuses and even if they are "fair", is that no one else cares. 

You might have a birthday coming up, you might have a crazy work schedule, you might not be able to say no to an event at work. We all have excuses in our lives that we can latch on to if we wanted. 

No matter what your excuse is, the world doesn't stop, time doesn't stand still, your goals don't get closer for having an excuse. 

This might seem a little harsh but it is a reality, life is hard, it is a constant battle of balance and juggling what you want and need. 

You have to put the excuses to bed, if your goal is important you will find a way, if not then you will let your excuses win.

Don't lie to yourself and use excuses to stop you from reaching your goal. 

"I would but..........." is an doing just that. 

I have done this and it isn't easy to change but if you are hearing me, write down your goal and commit!

Matt Norris